What do I bring each day to Mary Street? 

We provide everything to meet your child’s daily needs, including meals, morning and afternoon tea, bedding, a sun-safe hat, sunscreen and other necessary items.
Other items you will need to provide is a piece of fruit or vegetable, a spare set of clothes, and your child’s water bottle.  Nappies, wet ones, nappy cream, milk or formula and child’s comforters for rest time should be packed  if required.

What meals does Mary Street provide? 

We provide several meals per day that are prepared by KGF.  Meals include Morning tea, Lunch, Afternoon tea.
To read more, please visit Our Meals page.

Do I get Child Care Subsidy if I attend Mary Street? 

Mary Street is an approved child care service, which means that all families using our service are eligible to apply for the Child Care 
The Family Assistance Office (FAO) through Centrelink administers this benefit.
For further details, please contact Centrelink on 13 62 40 or www.humanservices.gov.au/customer/dhs/centrelink.

Parent app to view daily photos & stories?  

Every family has a private parent portal that they can access via a phone app or computer.

This allows you to view pictures of your child or learning stories happening in the Centre.

You can share these images and stories with family members anywhere in the world, so they too can enjoy these precious moments of your child’s early years.

You can also easily communicate with us daily via your portal.


How to Enrol

For your child’s enrolment, please complete our Waiting list Form here                                                        

Alternatively you can contact us on 02 9621 8778 for any enrolment and waitlist enquiries.

While we will endeavour to find a position for all children, please note that places at Mary Street Childcare Centre and preschool are offered on a first-come first-serve basis and also subject to the federal government’s Priority of Access Guidelines.

Once we confirm availability for your child, we will then proceed to formalise your child’s enrolment.